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prince_kyuhyun's Journal

~Prince Kyu Hyun~
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This community is dedicated to Super Junior's younger member Cho Kyu Hyun
Kyu Hyun Profile

- Name : Cho Kyu Hyun (조규현)
- Birthday : February 03, 1988
- Religion : Christian
- Height : 180 cm
- Weight : 68 kg
- Blood Type : A
- School : Kyunghee University
Community Rules

♥ First of all, of course, you MUST love KYU HYUN !
♥ Feel free to post anything related to KYU HYUN (pics, wallpapers, news, fanarts,...) and don't forget to CREDIT all your sources !
♥ When first posting please try to introduce yourself a little so that KYU HYUN fans will be able to know each other a little ^^
♥ The language of this community is ENGLISH so please try to respect that in your entries AND your comments !
♥ Please don't spam, advertising is fine as long as it is related to KYU HYUN or Super Junior
♥ All entries containing downloads, pics or all kinds of medias must be FRIENDS LOCKED and larger images must be UNDER A CUT
♥ Please don't post links you found here to other places without asking the uploader's permission first and DO NOT HOTLINK !
♥ Last but not least, be NICE to each other, have fun and be active to spread the KYU HYUN love ! ^^
Community Management

Maintainers :
Kourai : tifilou
Khym : candy_khym

Evil Moderator :
Sande : saande
Affiliates and Links

Affiliates :
suju_kry // 「 Super Junior - K. R. Y. 」
super_leader // Eeteuk fan community
kjk_love // Kim Jong Kook fan community
baby_dbsk // Baby DBSK fan community
kyu_min // KyuMin's couple fan comunity
dbsjproductions // HQ Subs to the DBSK & Super Junior Fandoms

Links :
Super Junior Official Homepage

Feel free to contact one of the mods if you want to be affiliated to us !

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